The Mahalo Agency | Micro-Content | Ventura County | Camarillo


It’s the gateway drug of content; it’s the Marijuana – if you will. Micro-content is content created natively for the platform it lives on, with respect to the nuances of usage & user behavior. It’s short, consumable pieces of infotainment – it’s sort of like popcorn; it’s snackable content. It’s the stuff that you engage with on a day-to-day basis; those Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl“ Memes, that Stop-Motion Nike Flyknit video, those funny Cat Clips, the GoPro & Nat Geo Snaps & Instagram Stories, the How-To cooking vids from Tasty, and other utility-like or newsworthy content that dominates our attention. The stuff that captivates you for a minute & provokes you to share & talk about, that’s Micro-Content.