• Aloha! We're The Mahalo Agency.
  • We're about marketing in the year we actually live in.

We Work Brands’ Digital Cocktail Parties.

We're a Camarillo, California based Social & Video Production Shop that focuses on social-first, storytelling through content, and gaining insights across platform through creative campaigns. Whether you're a small Ventura County based business or a national brand, we're your huckleberry.

What we do

Out of the box & unorthodox. We cultivate and nurture brand communities through a more memorable, human and social experience. Through authentic, native storytelling, genuine caring, and simply being human, we help brands establish a purposeful, sustainable, lasting place in people’s lives.

Social Strategy

We’re not selling; we’re creating the conditions in which people want to buy from.

People are very connected these days. And their connectivity is something we know how to leverage – very well.

We’ll build experiences & communities that form relationships with your people by humanizing & socializing your brand through content & conversations – not that push marketing, disruptive ad, or mobile banner that annoys us all.

Analytics & Insights

Ears and eyes – let’s use them.

You wouldn’t sit at a local pizza parlor and watch/listen to someone interact & talk about your product, service, or industry without chiming in, would you?!

Of course not! You’d ask them how they feel and what they think. You’d take note of what they are saying about it; you’d probably even make mental note of associations (demographics & psychographics) of that/those individual(s).

So why do so many businesses fail to do this from a digital perspective?

The opportunity of TRULY knowing your people has presented itself, and we’re here to show you how to effectively utilize these tools.

Visual Storytelling – let’s tell your story.

Lights, camera, action.

People don’t buy the products & services we sell; they buy the stories we tell.

We all have a story. And at the heart of your brand is one that should be illustrated with video. From ideation & creative to planning & promotion, we help you emotionally connect with your audience, tell powerful, lasting stories, achieve a competitive edge, and drive actions through what people see, hear, and share online.

What's Micro-Content?

It's the gateway drug of content; it's the Marijuana - if you will. Micro-content is content created natively for the platform it lives on, with respect to the nuances of usage & user behavior. It's short, consumable pieces of infotainment – it’s sort of like popcorn; it’s snackable content. It's the stuff that you engage with on a day-to-day basis; those Ryan Gosling ``Hey Girl`` Memes, that Stop-Motion Nike Flyknit video, those funny Cat Clips, the GoPro & Nat Geo Snaps & Instagram Stories, the How-To cooking vids from Tasty, and other utility-like or newsworthy content that dominates our attention. The stuff that captivates you for a minute & provokes you to share & talk about, that's Micro-Content.

Our Clients

How ‘bout them apples! We’ve had the opportunity to work with organizations, both large & small, and have learned a great deal throughout these experiences. We take pride in working with every organization and are proud to be in the business of connecting people and brands. Below is our abridged list of brands our team has worked with:

How We’ll Work Together

Our five core focuses make adding us to your team no different than hiring an individual. Well, we’re cooler, funnier, more diverse, more experienced, and much more resourceful (the list goes on). Here’s how The Mahalo Agency™ rocks it and builds a lasting partnership.

That means Drones (essentially). Car Dealerships, Golf Courses, Hotels, Cityscapes, Landscapes - yup, we do it all.

Meet The Ohana

We’re boutique. It’s these folks below and our graphics & programming folks (and some top secret Digital Brand Ambassadors). Want to join our team? Email us at Ohana@TheMahaloAgency.com.

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What Our Clients Want Most

We keep close tabs on our clients' needs and requests, so we thought we'd share what they ask for most.

Storytelling with Content 70%
Social Strategy 95%
Analytics & Insights 55%
Video Production 80%

Questions? Comments? Jokes? Poems?

Pick our digital brains and get to know us - seriously, say hi.


Camarillo, CA